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Fundamental Elements of a Man Cave 1

What every man cave needs!

Why does every Man Cave need a “do it yourself” computer? Aside from being able to boast about impossibly fast start up times or how crisp Angry Birds looks on your 1080p display, there are a few cost advantages as well:

  • Price
    • When building your own computer, the price is entirely up to what you need it to do – you can go as basic or as advanced as needed.
    • You could spend $700 at Dell or Gateway OR spend the same amount on your own build and the latter would be much faster, smarter, and could hold a lot more information
  • Longevity
    • How often does technology change? Way too often to try to keep up with!
      • Most computers you’ll find at BestBuy and other places (not to continue to pick on Dell and Gateway) are built with parts that can keep up with TODAY’S technology.
      • Why not build a computer that’s smart enough to contend with technology 5 years in the future?
    • I don’t want to spend $700 3, 4, or even 5 years from now on another computer that’s going to be outdated before I can pull it out of the box!
      • As you’ll see in the pictures below, I have room to upgrade. I can also (if brave enough) switch out components as I see fit.
  • Frustration
    • Save money on Anger Management or having to purchase new keyboards or monitors because you’ll no longer want to throw them out the window!
    • There are a number of reasons a DIY is faster than a store-bought computer.
      • The most prominent reason is that when you buy a brand name computer, it comes packed with trials of every conceivable program. Whereas when you build your own, you get what you want and nothing more!
    • The build can be a little nerve racking, but if you have a friend with a steady hand, you’ll be just fine!

Cyber Elite Team’s PC

All the power and speed we’re going to need for a while! No amount of listing videos could bog this down!

Calculating the Value of a Home

Value of a Home

$500 Fix to Make Your Backyard Presentable

$500 Fix to Make Your Backyard Presentable

Here’s the break down of expenses for my backyard project last weekend:

  • $250 per pallet of stone
    • These pieces of stone are pretty large. If you bang them against each other you can break them into more manageable pieces
    • (optional) Roughly $100 to have the stone delivered
  • $1.20 per bag of top soil
    • If you build up a wall like I did you will need to fill in the space with soil
  • $X for plants, flowers, and bushes
    • What you plant and how much you plant is entirely up to you and the size of your yard.

Helpful tips for planting in your yard:

  1. Perennials are always a safe choice
    • Virginia’s climate is zoned as 7a-7b
    • We planted weather/freeze resistant palms that will grow to their full height of 4-6 feet
  1. For yards with half to full sun try Knock Out Roses
    • This is a newer breed of rose that is extremely difficult to kill
    • They come in climbers and bushes (bushes being the more resilient)
    • These are relatively maintenance free as the dead heads fall off themselves
    • Tips: they prefer to be watered at the base rather than being showered; as of right now the yellow roses are the only ones that have a scent
    • This is the season to plant them, so get to it!
  1. More shaded yards should try planting hostas
    • Our landscape specialist says with a more shaded yard you are limited by color to blues and purples
    • She suggests that you try adding texture to your yard with different leaf types and sizes

Home Ownership Matters

Home Ownership Matters

“Home ownership has a significant impact on net worth, educational achievement, civic participation, health, and overall quality of life. And, home ownership helps create jobs—lots of them—right here at home.”

Home Ownership matters…to people, to communities, and to America. Why?

  • For every two homes sold, one job is created in the U.S.
  • Each purchase generates as much as $60,000 in economic activity over time.
  • Owning a home saves you money!

Source: HouseLogic

An analysis done by Deutsche Bank AG reported that falling home prices and rising rents have contributed to the biggest cost savings for homeowners relative to renters in at least two decades.
Rents averaged 14.9 percent more than home-loan payments during the last three months of 2011… The gap widened from the third quarter by 8.1 points, and rentals were more costly for the fifth consecutive quarter. 

Read more about this: Rising rents could signal housing market strength –

Built to last: Gingerbread Edition

A few tips to keep your Gingerbread house in good shape through New Years!

Click the image to zoom in!Built to last: Gingerbread Edition

Owning may be more affordable than you thought!

Here are a few points to keep your mind occupied while dodging office Holiday parties this weekend:

If you are considering buying a home for yourself or as an investment – now is the time. Interest rates are at record lows and home prices have stabilized in our area! It won’t be long until we start seeing an increase in either interest rates or prices and very possibly both.

If you are a renter just starting to think about buying your first home you might be surprised to find that many people are able to buy a larger home than they were renting for a lower monthly mortgage than they are currently paying in rent.

Ben Franklin said “Invest in land it’s the only thing they’re not making any more of.” This becomes even more true when the land comes with a home priced 2/3 of what it could be purchased for in 2006.


This blog is coming soon!

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Homes in Downtown

Coming Soon!

This blog will become an excellent source of information for the Downtown Fredericksburg, VA area. I will be posting updates about things going on in Fredericksburg, as well as providing insight into the state of our local real estate market.

Keep an eye out for my updates and please feel free to comment on posts!