Fredericksburg is going to the birds

In a good way! Amelia Square is ahead of the new Fredericksburg trend. The skyline is now the place to relax and dine as 3 Fredericksburg hot spots plan to open rooftop accommodations. Residence of Amelia Square will already have their head in the clouds enjoying their private 4th level terraces with a bird’s eye view on the action as Fredericksburg’s night life continues the trend skyward.    

UpUpUp Amelia SquareTerraces

Vivify Burger & Lounge:

In addition to great food; a rooftop dinning space and a fully stocked bar of specialized beer are just a few reasons VIVIFY will be your next favorite place to gather! The link below allows you to follow VIVIFY’S journey as they are now officially on their way to a late fall opening. Follow their progress so you can be the first to be in the know on how VIVIFY will go from day time gourmet burgers to nighttime lounge.

Vivify Front Chef on the roofDeck Stairs

Castiglia’s Italian Restaurant

Serving a wide variety of Italian and American cuisines, Castiglia’s provides a casual dining experience in their recently renovated dining room. According to recent article on they are planning a roof top bar/seating to be completed in the next year.


The Orion

The Orion believes their guests should dine in the crossroad of elegance and leisure with VIP sections, bottle service, a lit modern bar that glows at night. The Orion will also have a star scape ceiling mincing the Fredericksburg trend of skyline dining. Word on the street is that they will open roof top seating within the next year. 

Orion Bar Pink Orion Bar BlueOrion Wall