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Fundamental Elements of a Man Cave 1

What every man cave needs!

Why does every Man Cave need a “do it yourself” computer? Aside from being able to boast about impossibly fast start up times or how crisp Angry Birds looks on your 1080p display, there are a few cost advantages as well:

  • Price
    • When building your own computer, the price is entirely up to what you need it to do – you can go as basic or as advanced as needed.
    • You could spend $700 at Dell or Gateway OR spend the same amount on your own build and the latter would be much faster, smarter, and could hold a lot more information
  • Longevity
    • How often does technology change? Way too often to try to keep up with!
      • Most computers you’ll find at BestBuy and other places (not to continue to pick on Dell and Gateway) are built with parts that can keep up with TODAY’S technology.
      • Why not build a computer that’s smart enough to contend with technology 5 years in the future?
    • I don’t want to spend $700 3, 4, or even 5 years from now on another computer that’s going to be outdated before I can pull it out of the box!
      • As you’ll see in the pictures below, I have room to upgrade. I can also (if brave enough) switch out components as I see fit.
  • Frustration
    • Save money on Anger Management or having to purchase new keyboards or monitors because you’ll no longer want to throw them out the window!
    • There are a number of reasons a DIY is faster than a store-bought computer.
      • The most prominent reason is that when you buy a brand name computer, it comes packed with trials of every conceivable program. Whereas when you build your own, you get what you want and nothing more!
    • The build can be a little nerve racking, but if you have a friend with a steady hand, you’ll be just fine!

Cyber Elite Team’s PC

All the power and speed we’re going to need for a while! No amount of listing videos could bog this down!


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