$500 Fix to Make Your Backyard Presentable

Here’s the break down of expenses for my backyard project last weekend:

  • $250 per pallet of stone
    • These pieces of stone are pretty large. If you bang them against each other you can break them into more manageable pieces
    • (optional) Roughly $100 to have the stone delivered
  • $1.20 per bag of top soil
    • If you build up a wall like I did you will need to fill in the space with soil
  • $X for plants, flowers, and bushes
    • What you plant and how much you plant is entirely up to you and the size of your yard.

Helpful tips for planting in your yard:

  1. Perennials are always a safe choice
    • Virginia’s climate is zoned as 7a-7b
    • We planted weather/freeze resistant palms that will grow to their full height of 4-6 feet
  1. For yards with half to full sun try Knock Out Roses
    • This is a newer breed of rose that is extremely difficult to kill
    • They come in climbers and bushes (bushes being the more resilient)
    • These are relatively maintenance free as the dead heads fall off themselves
    • Tips: they prefer to be watered at the base rather than being showered; as of right now the yellow roses are the only ones that have a scent
    • This is the season to plant them, so get to it!
  1. More shaded yards should try planting hostas
    • Our landscape specialist says with a more shaded yard you are limited by color to blues and purples
    • She suggests that you try adding texture to your yard with different leaf types and sizes