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Built to last: Gingerbread Edition

A few tips to keep your Gingerbread house in good shape through New Years!

Click the image to zoom in!Built to last: Gingerbread Edition


Owning may be more affordable than you thought!

Here are a few points to keep your mind occupied while dodging office Holiday parties this weekend:

If you are considering buying a home for yourself or as an investment – now is the time. Interest rates are at record lows and home prices have stabilized in our area! It won’t be long until we start seeing an increase in either interest rates or prices and very possibly both.

If you are a renter just starting to think about buying your first home you might be surprised to find that many people are able to buy a larger home than they were renting for a lower monthly mortgage than they are currently paying in rent.

Ben Franklin said “Invest in land it’s the only thing they’re not making any more of.” This becomes even more true when the land comes with a home priced 2/3 of what it could be purchased for in 2006.


This blog is coming soon!

English: Princess Anne St in Fredericksburg, V...

Homes in Downtown

Coming Soon!

This blog will become an excellent source of information for the Downtown Fredericksburg, VA area. I will be posting updates about things going on in Fredericksburg, as well as providing insight into the state of our local real estate market.

Keep an eye out for my updates and please feel free to comment on posts!